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Center Point by R.M. Clark


Danielle’s Review


R. M. Clark’s debut adult novel, Center Point, is a captivating mystery embroiled in history. Dennis Kozma is a charming young man, given a quest by his dead father to clear his name. Soon, it becomes apparent that there is more to the story than just his father’s good name.The secondary characters are both engaging and diabolical. Dennis’ stepfather, Stan, particularly, is a piece of work.

Clark’s voice is wonderful and make the story a very fast read. If I had one complaint, it was that in areas there seemed to be a little too much Dennis telling us about things when the reader would rather be in the middle of the action.

This is a story not to be ignored though. Full of charm and wit, Dennis is a lovable character.


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 Myth about the book

Center Point

A list of names, an old map, and a drawing of a Native American warrior named Komaket: These are the items professional student, Dennis Kozma, receives on his twenty-fifth birthday. They are gifts from his father, who died fifteen years earlier. Unfortunately, Dennis’ memory is tainted by accusations that his father defrauded their town before his death.

The map leads Dennis to the graves of the men on the list… members of a secret society awaiting the return of Komaket. While unravelling the mystery of this society, Dennis discovers a shocking conspiracy: town officials covered up a dark secret and framed his father.

As he strives to clear his father’s name, before the long-awaited arrival of Komaket changes his quiet New England town forever, Dennis comes to two startling and fateful realizations — nothing is what is seems, and all clues lead to the…Center Point.

Myth about the author


R.M. Clark
R.M. Clark is a writer and dedicated civil servant. He has written several middle grade books, including Dizzy Miss Lizzie. He lives in southeastern Massachusetts with his wife, two sons and crazy critters. Center Point is his debut “grown up” novel.


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