Oct 012014

Introducing New Co-Hosts – Katie Bryski & Paul Ellis

What a treat to welcome Katie Bryski and Paul Ellis to the show as our new co-hosts! Carla Clifton is on hiatus and MythBehaving is very fortunate to add Katie and Paul to our lineup, along with Maer Wilson. Episode 35 is a Roundtable where our three hosts discuss their writing and books.



 Katie Bryski


KT Bryski is a Canadian author and podcaster. She made her podcasting and publishing debut with Hapax, an apocalyptic fantasy with Dragon Moon Press (2012) and she has stories in Black Treacle Horror Magazine, When the Hero Comes Home Vol. II (Dragon Moon Press) and Tales from the Archives Vol. III (Imagine That! Studios). Select playwriting credits include various scripts for Black Creek Pioneer Village and East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon: a Children’s Opera (Canadian Children’s Opera Company). KT also manages The Black Creek Growler: the official blog of the Black Creek Historic Brewery. She is currently at work on her next novel while pursuing her MFA through the Stonecoast Creative Writing Programme at the University of Southern Maine. As you may have guessed, she also has a mild caffeine addiction.

Visit her atwww.ktbryski.com and www.blackcreekbrewery.wordpress.com


Read on for more about Katie and Paul!






The Apocalypse has come, and in seven days the world will be no more. Only the Hapax, the Word which began the universe, can recreate the world and avert the Apocalypse, but that Word has been lost. Brother Gaelin finds his faith crumbling as he is forced to shelter two fugitives from the Magistatiem, the college of magi which has been divorced from the Ecclesiat monks for centuries. As time slips away, the monks and magi must do more than just heal the ancient rift that divides them-they must trust in the very Being who drove them apart.



You can buy Hapax at these retailers:

Canadian Amazon     |     American Amazon     |     Barnes and Noble     |     Indigo




Paul Ellis

Paul Ellis PicPaul Ellis, Storyteller, Maker, and Unrepentant Nerd, joins the MythBehaving team with episode 35 because they needed someone weird. Ta-Da!

OK now for his real biography:

Paul began with a hardscrabble existence as a street rat on the grim and grimy roof tops and dank and dangerous alleyways of Agrabah … ah … no … wrong story. I’ll come in again.

Born in a sleepy, little Alabama town, nestled in the crook of the Tennessee River, Paul began telling stories as soon as he could walk. Indeed, in his formative years, when friends were otherwise engaged, he roamed the nearby woods, spinning yarns to himself. Not that is in anyway creepy.

He was first published in the National Junior Achievement Magazine, winning a writing contest for the best short story describing JA in the future. In 1987, he won the Excellence Award for Best Radio Documentary from the Society of Professional Journalists and went on for a thirteen year (he says fifteen, but it is actually thirteen) career in radio and television.

However, the lure of easy money chasing the Y2K bug was more than he could bear. In 1998, he succumbed to his darker nature and left broadcasting for the murky world of Information Technology.

In 2008, those pent up creative forces erupted and Paul found himself writing again,this time with the now defunct Sord & Sworcery, Science Fiction & Fantasy APA. Then, one day while listening to the Dead Robots Society, he heard about an open call for a cross genre anthology, and Jack Dupre was born.

Along the way, Paul fast talked a normally sensible young woman into marrying him. They reside, with their three daughters, square in the middle of the Virginian Piedmont.

Paul’s first published short story, “The Winds,” is part of “Dirty Magick: Los Angeles” – an anthology exploring the crossroads between urban fantasy and noir; mean streets, dirty magic! Available for Kindle and Nook.

Along with finding Paul hanging out occansionally at paulkellis.com, you can also find him at these fine venues:

Paul on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulKEllisAuthor

Paul on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/paulkellis

Paul on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/117124862064605265895

Paul at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00H4QWZRO

Paul at About Me:  http://about.me/paulkellis

Paul on Tunblr: http://paulkellis.tumblr.com/


Dirty Magick : Los Angeles

“Dirty Magick: Los Angeles” is an urban fantasy anthology exploring the crossroads between magic and crime. Set in the city that invented noir, these stories comb the back streets and side alleys where the shadows are so sharp, they can shave you clean. Featuring such distinguished writers as Neal Pollack, Richard Rayner, Justin Macumber and Terry Mixon, this collection, edited by Charlie Brown, presents a whole new approach to urban fantasy.


Dirty Magick : Los Angeles is available at



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