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01/15: Perfection Unleashed

01/06: Watching Swifts


About Lucy Pireel



Lucy is an avid reader of books in most, if not all, genres. Her writing follows the same varied path, not only in length, but also in genre and mood.

And Lucy loves to write. She does not limit herself to one genre there either, but writes what she thinks would work for a story. At times it means writing Science Fiction, or fairy tales, while some are pure erotica.

She is glad to have successfully self-published her first three books, while editing her full-length, paranormal, erotic novel at the same time. Of course she writes more too; there are always new ideas for stories playing through her head, ranging from flash to full length novels.

Lucy was very happy to announce the publication Red Gone Bad on December 1st 2012. Her very first ebook, a collection of twisted fairy tales.

After that more books followed, resulting in three stand alone books, a sci-fi dyptich in #3 of Isotropic Fiction, and a zombie flash fiction piece in the anthology A Quick Bite of Flesh.

These days she creates her own covers–with a little help from friends sometimes–and learned how to edit, but still uses a second and third pair of eyes before being confident enough to publish her work.

She blogs and features other authors, because she knows how difficult it is to get your work noticed in the vast sea of books out there. She also tries to keep up her reading and reviewing, also because indies need reviews and such.


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Red Gone Bad


A Menu of Death

Heaven’s Closed


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