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Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Simon by V.A. Dold! This bestselling author is heating up the Paranormal scene!


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NOTE: Complete novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV. Rated 18+ for language and strong sexual content.

Four years of honorably serving his country has left Simon, Cade’s younger brother, damaged and trapped in wolf form. Little did he know the only person with the ability to heal him completely would be found at home. Literally. Now that he’s found her, he is desperate to claim her.

Rose is a beautiful, voluptuous woman with limited experience with men. Although she’s confident, she still has reservations. Never having a family of her own, her fear of abandonment has her fleeing romantic relationships, and doubting herself.

Travis is insane. A deadly loose cannon that a secret organization hired to destroy the Le Beau family by denying them their mates. Permanently.

Simon’s dream will be lost forever unless he is able to maintain human form.
Rose needs unconditional love and a mate to create the family she’s always wanted.
Travis’s all-consuming drive is to take Rose for himself.
Will Simon ever be whole again, able to claim his mate, giving Rose the love and family she so desperately craves? Or will Travis destroy them both?


You can buy Simon: Le Beau Brothers: New Orleans Shifters (Le Beau Series Book 2) at Amazon.


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Feb 092014

Myth 8

Lone Wolf Rising by Jami Brumfield

Simon’s Review

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Lone Wolf Rising By Jami Brumfield is a wonderful breath of fresh supernatural air. Okay, the subject matter has been done to death by Twilight Series and Sookie Stackhouse Series, or so I thought. Jami has revitalised the teen supernatural genre with fresh blood by the gallons and has actually surpassed those illustrious more famous series by a mile, no make that a light year. This YA Paranormal novel is an absolute must read for all fans of werewolf, shapeshifter, vampire and witches.

Orphan Becca is a 17 year old wolf attending school in Arizona. Life is abruptly turned on its head when her pack is wiped out in a war with vampires. Now Becca is the new Alpha, so says the Authority, the rulers of the supernatural world.

Becca’s life becomes even more complicated when she discovers she has two suitors for her love, Lucky and Gabriel. All this at 17. It’s too much too soon for poor Becca, but she must handle it. Together they and Becca’s siblings vow to avenge the death of the Arizona pack and Becca’s parents ten years before.

Another revelation from Becca’s grandmother adds more spice to the wonderful story – telling her she is also a witch spellbound against using her powers – that will keep the reader turning pages as fast as their need to discover the ending which in true brilliant fashion will leave the reader sighing for more.

So this reader and all like me are now champing at the bit for more.

This FIVE STAR Werewolffest with a classy difference is highly recommended and is a must read. Bring it on!


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Jan 082014

Myth 8

Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer: And Her Parable of the Tomato Plant 

by Marsha Roberts

Simon’s Review

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Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer: And Her Parable of the Tomato Plant by Marsha Roberts is an astounding work of literary genius. I freely admit to being a baby boomer and have had my mega ups and downs, but what separates me from Marsha is her life-affirming belief in God and that God is there for her every step of the way, even when someone has removed the last few steps and is waiting for her to fall. Marsha uses her unique voice and sense of humor, which I may add is wonderfully spread throughout the book, to send us on a fantastic journey, her private journey that we call life, full of heartfelt sorrow, uplifting joy and miracles that helped her overcome the dark moments in her tumultuous life.

Each chapter or parable is so entertaining and full of faith, brimming with Marsha’s soul to the point I had tears streaming down my face on more than one occasion, only to find myself laughing a few pages further. What might have been a mundane story of every day life has been transformed into a documentary worthy of an Oscar.
I highly recommend this FIVE STAR family drama to everyone who might find there is more to life than just living it. A must read.

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